Bringing your dreams to life is at the forefront of my practice. For over 35+ years, I have been designing eclectic contemporary architecture by fusing my talents in design, music, and art to create exclusive custom designs that reflect your unique essence. Our mutual collaboration realizes your vision. With over 200+ built projects and numerous awards, my experience ranges from country estates to beachfront homes, urban infill, multifamily enclaves and unique commercial projects. I am confident I can guide you through the process of building your dream home.

You and Your Vision

I listen. I collaborate. I create. Ideas materialize from paper to form through the language of design, and this enigmatic encounter manifests your dream. It is exciting, stimulating, and enlivening, and the transformation that occurs through design is by far one of the most invigorating tasks you will ever undertake. What no one wants to tell you is that there is a lot of work involved. Yes, many design decisions will need to be considered and made, which may take time. Finding a builder, establishing a budget, and developing a schedule requires diligence and patience. However, no one ever tells you that this is a deep journey of honesty, self-reflection, and discovery. Can you honestly build what you want; do you have enough money? What do you want your home to reflect; who are you, and what does your home say about you? Who is emerging through the materialization of this home? Who are you becoming? Building your own home is a metamorphosis of the Self.


As Your Architect

I guide you through all phases of the architectural process, helping you along the way with design considerations and decisions. By working with me, you'll be able to see your home in 3D before construction. You'll have an intimate knowledge and experience of what it will look and feel like through computer technologies that allow you to walk through the living spaces. Working in sophisticated, state-of-the-art architectural computer software makes it possible for me to take you through the design and make changes in real-time. Having the ability to see your home virtually makes the design process more engaging and fun. These tools make it possible for you to have a visceral experience of your project, helping you to feel the result.


My Practice

Since I am a solo practitioner and have chosen to emphasize a boutique practice, I keep my project load to only what I can handle on my own. By doing so, I can give you my undivided attention. I execute every project from design through construction, ensuring that your home meets your expectations, and consider every detail and nuance to help keep your budget on track. Working exclusively with me in this way assures the success and fulfillment of your dream because I embody your vision and live its essence. I give you my full attention and create a distinct home that will support your lifestyle. My commitment to you is that the process will be engaging, exciting, and rewarding. Together, we'll discover what it takes to bring forth and make real your custom home.


If you are considering a building project yet aren't quite sure what the next steps are, a "project feasibility call" will help to answer some of your questions. Click the link below to set up an appointment with me.