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Bringing your vision to life is an intimate undertaking. It's exciting, stimulating, and enlivening, and the transformation that occurs through design is one of the most invigorating tasks you will ever undertake. Having an expert guide to listen and collaborate allows the ideas to materialize from paper to design to manifest your dream.

Embodying your dreams, your heart and soul create a distinct home that will support your lifestyle now and for years to come.

No one tells you that a lot of work is involved. Many design decisions need to be considered taking time. Finding a builder, establishing a budget, and developing a schedule require diligence and patience. This is a deep journey of honesty, self-reflection, and discovery. However, you won't have to travel the path alone. Working together, we find the answers to questions like:

  • Can you honestly build what you want?

  • Do you have enough money?

  • What do you want your home to reflect?

  • Who are you, and what does your home say about you?

  • Who is emerging with materialization of this home? Who are you becoming?


Building your own home is a metamorphosis of the Self, and accompanying you through the process is an honor.

Your unique design


for you

Exclusive custom designs that reflect your unique essence come from my fusing of design, music, and artistic talents. Designing eclectic contemporary architecture for your forever home, with innovation, creativity, and sustainability will give you the lifestyle you desire. Over 35+ years of experience, successfully completing 200+ projects, and winning numerous awards, give you the confidence to know that we'll make your dreams a reality.







"Caitlin Kelley designed a phenomenal home for us years ago. Her ingenuity in design, artistic passion for precision, and keen sense of beauty are unparalleled. Caitlin's also a trailblazer in sustainable and clean living and design. Her patient demeanor towards her clients and creative ideas are ever-present, regardless of the client's needs or demands. Caitlin is a true professional and an outstanding architect."

M. Inserni


"Caitlin worked closely with us to design our forever home. Truly listened to the needs of the client and got them executed." J. Ball


"Working with Caitlin is a true pleasure. She's one of the most creative people I know, always thinking outside the box and able to make any space, whether small or large, work for an innovative architectural design. She helped redesign a kitchen remodel that allowed it to completely open up from an older 1970's boxy and closed in kitchen style to a more modern, airy, and farmhouse look. She listens intently to her client's needs and designs from her heart. She loves geometric, artistic, and pragmatic spaces that are not only functional but also beautiful. I highly recommend her for your next building project!" T. Stoeckl


As Your Architect


As a solo practitioner of a boutique practice, I give you my undivided attention. Executing your project from design through construction, ensuring that your home meets your expectations, and considering every detail and nuance helps keep your budget on track. Working this way exclusively assures the success and fulfillment of your dream through an engaging, exciting, and rewarding process. 

You will:

  • Be guided through all phases of the architectural process and assisted with design decisions and considerations.

  • See your home in 3D before construction gives you an intimate knowledge and experience of what it will look and feel like to walk through the living spaces.

  • Virtually move through the design, allowing for real-time changes to give you the home you desire.


Seeing your home virtually makes the design process more engaging and fun, and a visceral experience helps you feel the result


If you are considering a building project yet aren't quite sure what the next steps are, a "project feasibility call" will help to answer some of your questions. Click the link below to set up an appointment with me.

To help you organize your dreams, wishes and desires, and for an overview of the architectural process request my free project planning guide and architectural process guide here


Together we'll discover your unique essence and create the customized home that you envision.

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