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Transforming Your Ideas into Form

To ensure the success of your project, I follow a systematic 6-step process to maximize the potential of your site and your investment.

Research | Analysis | Idea Gathering

The pre-design phase gathers technical data, information, and ideas and sets a preliminary construction budget.

As your architect, I am here to assist you in developing your program. Collect images, articles, bookmark websites and set up a Pinterest Board online of the style and features you like.

This review can be a stand-alone service that assists both you and me in establishing the scope of your project, which sets the architectural fee. Or it can be worked in to the total fee, depending on the project.

The Survey and Soils Report are ordered at this time.

Loose Hand Sketches

Once engaged as your design professional, I explore design concepts based on the data collected in the pre-design phase,

site conditions and strategies for energy efficiency.

A graphic scheme is presented to you based on your program for your consideration and approval.

At this time, the civil engineer is engaged to develop grading and drainage plans, as needed.

Detailed Design

The approved schematic design is developed in more detail, showing site plan, floor plans, elevations, renderings and 3-D computer-generated models.

We choose exterior and interior finish materials.

Contractors are solicited at this point to present preliminary cost estimates to determine the viability of the design relative to the budget, and modifications are made as needed.

In certain situations, the plans will be submitted to city planning departments or design review boards, for project review and approval. These processes are specific to different regions. Such processes are identified through research in the pre-design phase and depend on the project type.

Plan Preparation

At this point, the remaining consultants required for the project are engaged. Depending on the size and scope of the project, these could include the structural engineer, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, landscape architect, energy consultant, lighting consultant, solar consultant. Plans are prepared for construction.







Plan Check and Final Pricing

The Plan Package is submitted to the planning and building departments for plan check review. Depending on the jurisdiction, this can take a few weeks to several months. Any comments arising out of this review are responded to, to obtain a building permit.

During this time, the contractor prepares the final pricing of the project and outlines a schedule for construction, preparing for the building process.

Construction Administration & Observation

Once construction begins, my role shifts to construction administration. Regular site visits and meetings between you, me, and the contractor occur.

This scope can be defined in the architectural contract or as an addendum to the contract, depending on the initial negotiations of the agreement.

The contractor is responsible for managing, scheduling, and the means and methods of construction. I, in turn, assure that the contractor is building the project per plan and is following the design intent.


For an Overview of the Architectural Process
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