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Eclectic Coastal Retreat
La Jolla, California

“Caitlin listened to my ideas and dreams for a home both elegant and casual, old world with modern conveniences. She used her knowledge to incorporate my collection of art treasures in the design and made a unique and special place for my family and friends to gather for many years to come.“        Ariana H.

Calmly gazing out to the Pacific Ocean, this 8,000-square-foot haven of eclecticism in La Jolla, California, offers an inspired synthesis of Eastern and Western architectural traditions. The residence, a veritable pilgrimage of aesthetics, manifests the owner's nuanced tastes and interests, culminating in a space that resonates with spiritual tranquility, luxurious comfort, and old-world charm.

Entering the property, one is immediately embraced by the profound influence of East Indian architecture. Beautifully carved wooden columns, reminiscent of ancient temples, stand as guardians to a world of stillness. Beautiful stone-clad walls, intricately carved gates, bubbling fountains, and graceful art niches create a serene ambiance. Unfolding throughout the home, unique East Indian details echo a timeless and spiritual architectural vernacular.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, serves as an ode to the owner's love for the French countryside. The elegant cabinetry, refined finishes, and warm color palette evoke images of sun-kissed Provencal fields. Appliances seamlessly blend state-of-the-art functionality with classic aesthetics, yielding a space that is not merely a culinary workshop but a sanctuary of gastronomic delight.

A pervasive theme in the design is the harmonious transition between interior and exterior spaces. With a Western orientation, capitalizing on the vast Pacific Ocean views, the living areas spill effortlessly onto terraces and balconies. Full-height glass windows dissolve boundaries, framing the ocean's ever-changing canvas and immersing the occupants in an ethereal coastal living experience.

The rear of the residence unveils a private interior courtyard, a space imbued with tranquility and repose. Flanked by an inviting pool, the loggia beckons for gatherings under the gentle Californian sun. Its elegant yet casual design encapsulates the essence of La Jolla's coastal lifestyle.

In summary, this La Jolla residence is a masterful orchestration of contrasting elements woven with a discerning eye for detail and a profound understanding of the owner's eclectic tastes. The home is not merely a dwelling but a sensory experience, a voyage across cultures and epochs, and a testament to the universal language of beauty and harmony that transcends geographical boundaries. It is an enduring symbol of architectural innovation, offering an enriching space for contemplation and celebration.

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