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Modern Ozark Vernacular
Bentonville, Arkansas

Thanks, Caitlin, for your thoughtful design of our home. I think our breezeway (dogtrot) has to be my favorite, allowing for four-season use in Arkansas!

Sited on a modestly sized plot mere blocks from the bustling downtown square of Bentonville, Arkansas, this contemporary urban dwelling epitomizes the harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetic sensibility. The challenge was robust - to conceive and materialize a family compound within a constrained spatial domain tailored to the unique preferences of the clients, who are influential members of the Northwest Arkansas community.
The husband, a well-known real estate developer, and the wife, a respected artist, sought to create their forever home. A place that would not only reflect their individual passions and heritage as native Arkansans but also be a sanctuary and a testament to modern architectural elegance.
Given the constraint of space and the clients’ wish for a three-bedroom principal residence, an art studio, and a one-bedroom apartment for their adult daughter, the design had to be innovative and intelligent. The aesthetic was guided by the Ozark vernacular, paying homage to the region's traditional architecture while giving it a modern twist.
The primary residence houses three spacious bedrooms and a contemporary kitchen highlighted with exquisite granite finishes. Modern appliances grace the kitchen, offering an elegant and functional ensemble. High clerestory windows in the main living area invite soft, indirect lighting that illuminates the large artwork within, creating an ethereal gallery atmosphere.
A dogtrot, a hallmark feature in Ozark architecture, eloquently separates the main living area from the art studio. This breezeway, providing a cool refuge and connection to the outdoors, symbolizes the seamless intertwining of tradition and modernity. Above the art studio, a one-bedroom apartment is an independent unit with contemporary conveniences.
The exterior façade is a curated blend of contemporary materials and stone, creating what can be termed "Ozark Modern." The interior finishes are clean and subtle, accentuating the simplicity that underscores sophistication.
Strategically orienting the home towards the inside of the lot ensured a serene and private environment shielded from the busy adjacent street. The design emphasizes an inward focus, creating a peaceful oasis within an urban context.
This project stands as a landmark for innovative and refined architectural practice. Its design transcends mere aesthetic appeal, resonating with the owners' personal tastes and cultural richness. It's a home that fulfills the owner's immediate functional needs and serves as a timeless architectural statement. The urban oasis in downtown Bentonville is more than a home; it's a living embodiment of tradition, art, community, and modern architectural excellence.

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