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Contemporary Windows For Your Exclusive Custom Home

Have you ever found yourself staring out of a window, watching the snow fall gently on the ground outside, creating a winter wonderland? Or maybe, as a child, you pressed your nose up against the glass, eagerly waiting for your father to come inside after a long day of work. Perhaps you now enjoy gazing out your window while sipping your morning coffee and observing the birds visiting your birdfeeder.


Windows are the gateway to the world outside, connecting you to the beauty of nature. They allow natural light to fill your home, capture stunning views, add to your home's aesthetic, and improve your quality of life.

Stunning views of the Southern Orebon Coast through contemproary windows

The evolution of windows in architecture

The windows we have in our homes today have developed over time, shaped by our changing needs and tastes.


The ancient Romans introduced non-transparent glass in windows to let in natural light while maintaining privacy. During the medieval period, architects experimented with incorporating shafts of light through the roofs of buildings. These early innovations helped illuminate dark interior spaces and eventually led to the placement of openings shifting from the roof to the walls.


In earlier times, windows were intentionally kept small to avoid heat loss or gain. These smaller windows helped regulate the interior temperature, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Today, the design of windows is influenced not only by environmental factors and regulations but also by current trends. The use of windows in modern architecture has undergone a significant transformation. Glass façades in skyscraper construction can be traced back to influential architects like Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, pioneers in designing with glass. Architectural masterpieces such as the National Gallery in Berlin and Philip Johnson's Glass House demonstrate the aesthetic possibilities of glass and its ability to fill interiors with natural light.

Contemorary windows create an exciting façade
Herzog & De Meuron Tacheles Berlin Germany


When designing windows for your custom home, it is important to consider the connection to the environment, advances in materials technology, and your present and future lifestyle.


Balance light and privacy in your window designs


Custom home design is about balancing your needs for privacy and light while creating interaction with your surroundings.


My client Susan's home is on a small property facing a busy street and a parking lot. Strategic placement of the windows is critical to having enough natural light in her home while maintaining privacy. By designing the house's front windows higher, Susan can avoid direct interaction with the street and minimize the intrusion from car lights and noise. The back of her home opens towards a more secluded garden courtyard, creating a serene and private outdoor space for Susan to relax and unwind.

Contemproary windows create privacy along a busy street


This thoughtful orientation and window placement allow Susan to have a bright and peaceful home while being shielded from the busyness of the outside world.


There is also the challenge of inviting southern light into Susan's home without compromising privacy and tranquility. A clerestory over the stairwell illuminates the interior spaces and adds an element of design intrigue. It's a unique way to infuse light into her home while making the windows functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Use of expansive contemporary windows with views into an interior courtyard


Create ambiance in your home with contemporary windows


Windows balance natural light and privacy while influencing the ambiance of a space.


When I remodeled my small home office, I designed a long, narrow window at desk height to transform the room. Placing the window at eye level offers a view of the woods and bird feeders, connecting the indoor space with the natural world outside. I can glance from my desk to the window to appreciate the sunshine and see the birds fluttering between the trees.  The window provides natural light and enhances the room's atmosphere, making it a place of relaxation and inspiration.


Windows are essential in creating a functional home that emotionally resonates with views and enables experiences that enrich your everyday life.


Combine aesthetics and functionality in your window design

To further enhance the ambiance in your home, consider your windows' aesthetics, functionality, and ventilation. Whether you select casements, double-hung, or single-hung, you'll want to choose windows that align with your lifestyle needs.


There is nothing like opening the windows and letting in fresh air on a bright spring day as the lilacs and hyacinths scent your room. Not to mention feeling the cool breeze on your skin.


You may delight in large picture windows that don't necessarily have to open, but provide unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. Smaller, operable windows may be designed to complement the more oversized windows to allow airflow into your home.

Uninterrupted views with a single, large sheet of glass without any mullions have a visual appeal, making you feel at one with nature.


Minimalist contemporary windows connect to the views

The design and installation of large picture windows involve careful consideration and knowledge of their limitations and can be challenging to maintain. I guide my clients to help them understand the windows' structural limits and design accordingly to ensure safety and durability.


Cleaning these expansive and often high windows can also be a logistical challenge. However, the allure of having big, thin windows that light up the stairway or a picture window where you can relax and admire the vista is undeniable and often worth all the intricacies of maintenance and care.


Select window materials for your custom home


Window materials provide different aesthetics for your dream home design, with each material offering unique advantages. More cost-effective windows are typically made of vinyl or fiberglass. Both are popular for those seeking durability without the higher cost of wood or aluminum-clad windows. Aluminum-clad and steel windows provide sleek, modern options, while clad wood windows combine the warmth of wood with the durability of an aluminum skin.


Windows are among the most expensive components of your building project, making choosing the right design and manufacturer significant. It is often overwhelming, so I guide my clients to ensure they receive the quality and style that aligns with their aesthetic preferences while providing energy efficiency.


Visiting showrooms or dedicated distributors lets you see different brands and styles upfront. Additionally, seeing windows in actual homes can give inspiration and a clearer vision of what you desire for your custom home.

Incorporate energy-efficient windows in your dream home


When selecting windows, many contemporary design trends focus on minimalism and functionality. Thin styles maximize the amount of glass to enhance natural light and views. However, alongside aesthetics, energy efficiency may also be a top priority. Expert guidance can help you balance your design style and practicality to make informed decisions that combine your personal taste with long-term cost-effectiveness.

Energy efficient contemporary windows allow for walls of glass


The dual demands for thermal efficiency and light management have led to the development of windows with advanced glazing techniques. Double or triple glazing can significantly enhance a window's insulating properties. Glass types protect interiors from harmful UV rays, which can cause fading in furniture and wooden floors. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass is increasingly popular for regulating light transmission and blocking UV rays, providing energy efficiency and protection for your home's interior.

You might also incorporate solar shades to protect valuable items from direct sunlight, like a grand piano or an antique armoire.


Innovations in window functionality have also led to integrating blinds within the window panes, offering a neat and maintenance-free solution. Typically, resembling Venetian blinds, they are designed to open or close rather than go up and down, preventing potential malfunctions within the sealed double-glazed units. As a convenient and attractive option, these blinds can enhance your windows' overall aesthetic and increase energy efficiency.


The perfect window design for your custom home


The window design for your custom home combines your functional needs with your aesthetic style. Large picture windows can give you magnificent views and create oneness with nature. Window design provides for privacy and the infusion of natural light into your home.


You can select window materials that enhance your home's design and incorporate energy efficiency, with glass that will protect your valuable items from the sun's rays.


Experience the joy of immersing yourself in nature as you effortlessly move between the rooms of your exquisite custom home. If you want to build a custom home with stunning contemporary windows that amplify your connection to the environment, call me, and let's begin the conversation.

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