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Sophisticated Coastal Contemporary
Brookings, Oregon

“Our experience with Caitlin on our first home went so well, and timely
we decided to give her a blank canvas on the Oregon hillside home.
We’re always inspired by her designs; just let her do her thing! 
Another beautiful home.“           K. Rutherford

Located on a lot with a breathtaking view of the southern Oregon coastline, this exquisite 3,600-square-foot contemporary residence is a testament to the seamless confluence of nature's magnificence and human ingenuity. Designed with a profound understanding of the site's unique challenges and potential, this project is a harmonious blend of aesthetic sophistication and technical innovation.
The captivating beauty of the coastal landscape posed significant engineering challenges, namely the precarious stability of the coastal soil. The site's geological complexities necessitated a careful and detailed analysis to formulate a robust foundation strategy.
The response was to implement deep caissons for the foundation system. These caissons were engineered and installed to reach stable strata, providing the structural integrity required to support a contemporary architectural design. The precision of this approach guarantees the residence's resilience against the ever-changing coastal conditions, marrying form with function in a manner befitting its stunning locale.
The design captures the essence of the ocean's grandeur, where the house becomes a vantage point to the endless marine vistas. Orienting the house to maximize natural daylighting and airflow, the spatial planning encourages an uninterrupted dialogue with the coastal environment.
Every space within the dwelling celebrates light and shadow, as the extensive use of large windows frames the evolving moods of the ocean. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea are mirrored in the fluidity of the interiors, creating an organic connection between the built and natural environments.
Embracing a future-forward approach, Passive House strategies were implemented, carefully calibrating the building's thermal envelope, ventilation, and insulation to achieve optimal energy efficiency. Integrating state-of-the-art appliances, mechanical systems, and lighting ensures a minimal carbon footprint.
The strategic placement of openings allows for the gentle caress of the ocean breeze, effectively moderating the interior climate and reducing the need for mechanical cooling. The residence's symbiotic relationship with its surroundings epitomizes our commitment to sustainable architecture, leaving a gentle imprint on the land while elevating the human experience to poetic heights.
This oceanfront contemporary home on the southern Oregon coast expresses architectural mastery, delicately balancing the line between structural necessity and artistic ambition. The considered response to the site's challenges, combined with a relentless pursuit of aesthetic and environmental harmony, results in a residence that is both a sanctuary and a statement. In this place, the soul can commune with the ever-changing tapestry of nature's masterpiece.

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