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Sun Harbor Marina | San Diego, California

Sun Harbor Marina is the first LEED Certified Green Marina globally. It received the SDG&E Earth Award in 2005.


The vision was to build the ultimate green marina; a sustainable, energy-efficient business that operates in harmony with nature through design, livability, materials and the preservation of scarce resources: a project that would play an important part in the ecological future of the harbor and the city. Designed to exceed California State environmental laws and regulations, the project is currently the first marina to apply for LEED certification according the U.S. Green Building Council. The buildings combined exceed California T-24 requirements by 38%.


Nautical themes and elements were used in the design. Curves and wave like forms were incorporated into the buildings and in the concrete pattern of the promenade to mimic the movement of the sea. The rounded rooflines represent the spiraling of the nautilus shell and expansive curved decks evoke the feeling of being on a ship’s bow. A 50-foot mosaic fountain is the focal point of the central plaza and was designed as a tribute to the local sports fishing industry. The colorful mosaics feature albacore swimming free form up and around waves. Feng Shui principles were incorporated to create balance and harmony and warm, earthen tones were chosen for the colors of the buildings to elicit the feeling of strolling through a Mediterranean fishing village. The mood of the environment is a vibrant celebration of life enhanced by plants and trees that were selected to ensure continuous colorful blooms all year long.

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