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Tuscan Farmhouse
Olivenhain, California

“Caitlin helped us design our dream home:  an Italian Villa complete with bell tower, courtyard, movie theater, arched and groined hallways, radiant floor heating, a primary bedroom with an umbrella ceiling, a wine cellar, large loggia with
zero edge pool overlooking vineyards …. She was incredibly easy to work with and always listened to our ideas. 
We highly recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” G&A Zaid

Sited among the rolling hills of Olivenhain, California, this beautiful 7,000 square foot Tuscan Farmhouse stands as a testament to the exacting attention of its owners—a young professional couple who, captivated by the allure of Tuscany's splendor during a transformative vacation to Italy, sought to recreate that very essence within their daily lives. The challenge was to design a home that would remind them of this beautiful Italian experience.

Drawing inspiration from the idyllic Tuscan countryside and the intricate detailing of the Italian Renaissance, the home emerges as a painstakingly curated sanctuary, attentively designed to offer respite and rejuvenation after long days at work. Each element, carefully fashioned, from the graceful groin vaults to the refined fluted ceilings, was meticulously curated to transport the occupants back to their memorable Tuscan journey.

A stately bell tower is central to the estate's uniqueness, a proud sentinel proclaiming the residence's grandeur. Entering the courtyard through an antique Chinese gate, a beautiful, secluded garden evokes the spirit of a traditional Italian piazza, beckoning one into a world of serenity and solace.

A grand rotunda defines the entry, and groin-vaulted corridors serve as conduits to the main rooms in the house. Uniquely designed features, such as carved stone corbels and fireplaces, pay tribute to blending old-world tradition and contemporary comfort.

The great room opens to an expansive shaded loggia, and the backyard, with its zero-edge pool and barbecue area, provides ample space for entertaining. The primary bedroom, adorned with a beautifully crafted umbrella ceiling, is an intimate haven for rest, and views of the southern California landscape can be seen from the prominent rooms of the home and echo the vistas of the rolling hills of northern Italy. 

Beyond aesthetics, the home also embodies a conscientious commitment to the environment. Its energy-efficient design artfully incorporates passive heating and cooling strategies, optimizing the placement of the house to harness natural airflow and light and thus cultivating a mindful coexistence with nature.

In its entirety, this Tuscan Farmhouse transcends architecture, emerging as a living poem dedicated to the ethereal beauty of Italy. It is a unique testament to human ingenuity, a bespoke creation that captures not just space but the essence of shared memory and a treasured journey. In designing this home, we have sought not merely to build but to transport its occupants to a world defined by serenity and timeless elegance. It is a home, an experience, a way of life—a true architectural symphony.

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